Mathematics 122
Calculus and Analytic Geometry II

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Meeting times:

10:00 - 10:50 MTWF, Thompson 322

Final Exam

The final exam for this class will be held at Noon on Wednesday, December 16. It will be a required, comprehensive, in-class final examination.



Office hours (tentative)

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Homework will (collectively) have the weight of an hour exam. The lowest score (hour exams and homework) will be dropped.


All assignments turned in must represent individual effort: work done by a committee cannot be accepted except where a group effort is a clearly stated part of the assignment. All students in Computer Science classes at the University of Puget Sound are responsible for the material contained in the document on academic honesty published by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and included in the Academic Handbook.

Late work accepted only if prior arrangements have been made.

Finally, the last date for withdrawing from this class with an automatic W is Monday, Sept. 28. In the event that we do not have an hour exam before that date, I will assign a WP grade to any formal withdrawals (i.e., completed using the necessary form and submitted to the register's office) up to a week after the day that the first hour exam is returned to the class. Of course, should you find yourself in difficulty at any point in the semester, please make arrangements to meet with me as quickly as possible.

Some important dates

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Weekly schedules


Draft Schedule

Note: Please note that, except for scheduled University events and exam dates, the schedule of topics, readings, and assignments is tentative. It may be necessary to change an exam date: if that happens, I will give you at least a week's notice and make alternate arrangements for students unable to take the exam on the rescheduled date. Please inform me of any conflict between the dates entered here and those in the catalog and course schedule. In the event of any conflicts, the catalog and course schedule have the final say.

Exam Schedule

Full Schedule

  • Week 15: Monday, Dec. 7:

  • Week 17: Monday, Dec. 14